Foundry and alloys of bronze, brass, aluminum and copper

BRONCES LEVANTE, S.L. (BROLESA) established in 1974 with the objective to casting and machining pieces in non ferrous alloys (Copper and Aluminium alloys mainly) for to supply pieces for Iron & Steel Industry (Steelworks) and Naval industry mainly.

This objective has been obtained for a long time and at the moment we’re working for others important sectors, such as Pumps and Valves (Oil & Gas), Energy, Mining, Cement Plants, ….

Brolesa’s surface is 3.050 m² distributed in 3 areas: Foundry, Machining Shop and Warehouse.

Manufacturing and machining of parts

Brolesa is specialized in the manufacture and reparation of pieces in all alloys, our main advantage are jobs in non ferrous alloys because we can manufacturing semi-finished or finished to drawing, reducing costs for the customers because in one company we can make all the manufacturing process, but also we manufacture competitive pieces in other alloys: steel, stainless steel, iron, antidesgast, special alloys, welding jobs,… and all these jobs are manufacturing with our experience and our warranty, and the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our custommers is the most important for us.

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Sectors in which we work

Iron steel industry


Bombas y válvulas

Pumps and valves



Obras públicas

Public works

Cement plants

Mining industry

Reductores de velocidad


Urban equipment

Power, steam power and nuclear power plants

Die stamping and moulding

Pneumatic and hidraulic machinery

Industria química

Chemistry industry

General machinery manufacturers and other industries

Industria petroquímica