In this area we melt different alloys but main metals are alls alloys of copper (aluminium bronze, tin bronze, lead-tin-bronze, tin-zinc bronze, manganese bronze, others alloys), brass (brass naval, normal and tensile brass), and aluminium (all alloys) our casting process include: sand casting; permanent mould; centrifugal cast; and die-casting.

Equipment of this area:

  • Furnaces with several capacities.
  • Continous mixer.
  • Shakeout for motes and boxes with sand.
  • Blowers.
  • Shotblaster/shotblasting machine.
  • Molding with green sand.
  • Auxiliary Machinery

All pieces are generally supplied cast, semi-finished (premachined) or finished to drawing (machined), heat treated, whenever required, and fully checked and/or inspected by third party agencies, according to customer requirements.

Brolesa belongs to Spanish Federation of the Foundry Associations (FEAF).